Pick 3 lucky numbers.
Win up to 300 times your money.

Get your chance to join over 1,024 lucky people and support good causes near you.

Codebuster Illustration

What is Codebuster

Codebuster is a simple game where you can win up to 10,000 GH₵! Simply pick three single-digit numbers from 0-9 in any order you’d like and place your minimum 10 GH₵ bet now.

Codebuster makes every day exciting with draws every 30 minutes 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

You can win 300x your bet!

How to Play

1Go to TOLA on your phone and select Codebuster TOLA. Enter TOLA paybill number 123123.

2Enter your 3 lucky numbers from 0-9 followed by WEB on the account name section e.g. 637 WEB.

3Enter your bet amount. Minimum 10 GH₵ maximum 1,000 GH₵.

Charities and organisations we support

Every day CodeBuster is giving thousands to selected charities and charitable causes that support those who are most in need. See how we are doing and send us your comments.

Save the Children Logo Cancer Research UK Logo WaterAid Logo

Odds and Payouts Examples

Match any 2 numbers win 10x.
Match 3 exactly to win 300x.

Your Bet Your Numbers Winning Numbers Odds Multiplier You Could Win
GH¢ 10 112 512 1:37 10× GH¢ 100
GH¢ 100 112 117 1:37 10× GH¢ 1,000
GH¢ 1,000 112 212 1:37 10× GH¢ 10,000
GH¢ 10 121 121 1:1000 300× GH¢ 3,000
GH¢ 100 112 112 1:1000 300× GH¢ 30,000
GH¢ 1,000 211 211 1:1000 300× GH¢ 300,000