Good Causes

It happens in dramatic, never-the-same-again ways. And in essential, life-is-a-little-better ways. We exist to change lives, to maximise returns to Codebuser project.

Causes We Support

Stop 250 Teen Girls in Ghana from Missing School

by Self-Help International

Girls in rural Ghana want to earn an education but struggle to stay in school once they hit puberty. Predatory men offer girls paltry sums of money so they can afford school or sanitary supplies, and expect favors in return. Teen Girls Club teaches girls about women's health, helps them advocate for themselves and their education, and trains them in income-generating activities so they can stay in school and break the cycle of poverty for good.

Sustainability training for marginalized Ghanaians

by Obrobibini Peace Complex

The world urgently needs a change of direction in the use of natural resources, otherwise climate change will lead to a dramatic change in our livelihoods in the coming decades. We need examples of how to live regeneratively, and training centres to teach this. We are building up a training centre for sustainability to show solutions for the global problems. The centre will serve as a a reference point for locals for a sustainable life.

End Malnutrition for 600 Children in Ghana

by Self-Help International

In Ghana, 28% of children under the age of five are stunted due to chronic malnutrition. Many children arrive to school on empty stomachs. Some tots, just three years of age, travel up to three kilometers to get to school. Self-Help provides daily meals to school children in Ghana. Feeding Quality Protein Maize porridge to malnourished children improves their diets by enabling them to consume protein that is critical to brain development.

Outreach Eye Camps in Ghana

by Himalayan Cataract Project, Inc.

An outreach eye camp will screen between 200 and 500 patients and restore sight to approximately 20 to 50 people in Ghana through cataract surgery. Available statistics indicate that 200,000 Ghanaians are completely blind while an additional 600,000 are visually impaired. A team from Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital in Kumasi, Ghana will travel to a remote site, screen patients for cataracts and perform free surgery to those who need it.

Educate Ethical and Innovative Leaders for Africa

by Ashesi University Foundation

Ashesi University empowers young Africans with entrepreneurial skills and ethical foresight to be agents of change in their communities. All gifts are combined to support Ashesi's mission of educating ethical, entrepreneurial leaders for a new Africa. Our current funding priorities are to build more on-campus student housing, strengthen our scholarship program, invest in faculty research and development, and share our learnings with other institutions.

How we support charities

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